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207 – Skull Candy

Maybe that’s why they call it sweet meats. HA HA haaaa


206 – remember the 90s

Hey, I remember that show!


205 – We’re Number One

Phew, didn’t think I’d finish this comic in time! I’m leaving for Midwest Media Expo tonight and will be gone until Monday, so I might not have any comics next week depending on how exhausted I am after this. I will be doing three panels after all!  I’ll try not to fail, though!


204 – Just delicious

I meant to have a transition comic between the last one and this one but I forgot. OOPS. Oh well! I might not have a Wednesday comic because of the dual insanity of Wondercon and Midwest Media Expo, both of which I will discuss below.

So just got back from Wondercon! All in all, a pretty successful venture! The big news is that my co-athor, Tim Heiderich, appeared on the Mo’ Kelly show on AM 640. MORE STIMULTING TALK RADIO, you see!  It was kind of a last minute thing where they found us at our dealers’ room table and liked the book enough that they asked us to appear; unfortunately, it turned out that there were a lot of other guests too, so they couldn’t have both of us on, but that’s okay.  I was honestly getting a little nervous as I was waiting for our interview and I started to get scared that I would blurt out something stupid on air, so I was a little relieved to let Tim be our voice.  He did a pretty good job, I think, so check it out!

Other than that, met a lot of interesting people, talked to lots of cool dudes. One of the highlights for me was when this little kid, probably about 5 or 6, came up to my table and asked “Do you have anything free?”  I didn’t have any kid-friendly stuff, so I looked through my wallet until I found Zoe Moss’s Brainfarto business card. I handed it to him, saying “Here’s a cute picture of a goat!” That seemed to satisfy him, but about 20 minutes later he returned with a second kid. This other kid wanted a Brainfarto business card too! I didn’t have anymore, so I said “I don’t have anymore, but would you like a happy pizza?” He did, so I gave him Zoe’s Pizza Day comics business card.  The moral of the story is that I’m really shitty at self promotion, but I love promoting Jake and Zoe! XD

And of course, we had conbingo winners everyday! Who would have thought it would be so easy to spot fezes and anime cat ears at a nerd gathering????

Response to the books was very positive; most people seemed to really get what we were about. Comics creators and teachers were especially into it. Cosplayers? Not so much. But I don’t think cosplayers EVER buy anything,do they? I mean, they mostly come to these things to attention whore and stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR BOOTH TO BLOCK ACCESS FOR LEGITIMATE CUSTOMERS while they pose for photographs by nerds who are totally going to masturbate to them later, don’t try and kid yourself. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, HARLEQUIN, POISON IVY, OTHER HARLEQUIN, THIRD HARLEQUIN and FROG. Naw, I kid, there were actually some pretty cool costumes there and I say that as a guy who generally despises cosplay as one step above fursuiting and clowns. I especially enjoyed Jarreth the Goblin King, Jessica Rabbit, and creepy Ned Flanders. Good work! One woman also dressed up as Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, which has to be the MOST RANDOM thing I’ve ever seen.

The one person who didn’t seem to appreciate the book was that one old furry with the big dog tail hanging out of his pants who said he “didn’t want to support trolling.”  Gadzooks,we art undone!

Finally, remember, that I’ll be tabling as a Special Guest at Midwest Media Expo in Detroit next weekend! As well as hosting panels, together with Norman Rafferty of Sanguine Games, about self-publishing and Dinosaucers.



203 – Breaking the News

I’ve got bad news, dear; we’re going on vacation!

Should I mention the whole Midwest Media Expo thing again? If you’re in the area, I’ll be hosting a panel on self-publishing your own comics, a panel on doing a webcomic, and a panel about DINOSAUCERS! At least, that’s what I’m planning. We’ll see what they actually let me talk about.


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