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Graphic Novels

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to do some graphic novel work . Here’s some of the projects that I’ve worked on.


Christmas Magic, Goodwill, Santa Claus… Becky believed in all of it. Because believers are rewarded with presents! One night, she was proven right. Santa is real. But his rewards are anything but jolly. So you better watch out. You better not cry. Crying won’t save you anyways. My latest project is about a group of lucky kids that get to visit Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve, expecting presents… only to find a terrifying ordeal of monsters drawn from worldwide Christmas mythology from the krampus to the Icelandic Yule Cat!

That’s right, I watched The Polar Express and got so mad at it that I made an entire graphic novel to make fun of it!

Firebrat is available from Vivid Publishing! Learn more at the Vivid site or on Amazon! Or check out this review on KittySneezes!



Malleus Maleficarum

malleus2-195x300 My first graphic novel Malleus Maleficarum: The Original Medieval Guide to the Hunting and Burning of Witches is now available from SLG Publishing!

In 1487 Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger wrote the Malleus Maleficarum, the premiere manual for exposing, capturing, prosecuting and burning witches used by every right-thinking European magistrate of the late middle ages.

Mike Rosen has adapted the warm and uplifting tome that fueled a wave of witch-hunting that lasted for nearly two centuries and cost nearly 60,000 people (mostly women) their lives. The adaptation’s tongue-in-cheek tone answers all of those nagging eternal questions: Do witches kill newborn babies for use in their rituals? Can they turn men into beasts? Can they steal mens penises, collecting them in great numbers, to hide in, say, a birds nest up in a tree, where they then move around like squiggly phallic snakes and eat corn and oats? Finally, most importantly, do witches have sexual relations with devils? How do they have sexual relations with devils? And could we hear some more about these sexual relations with devils? Nothing makes for a fun read like torture, murder, infanticide, and disembodied penises!

Malleus Maleficarum is available from SLG Publishing for only $10.95! Learn more at the SLG Publishing website or buy it on Amazon.

Want to learn more about the genesis of this graphic novel? Read an interview that I gave to SLG Publishing or get a sneak preview of a few pages from the book.

Misunderstanding Comics

61sFMlYEvxL._SY346_-194x300Check out my next big project Misunderstanding Comics !

Join us as we turn a jaundiced eye toward all that is wrong with the “invisible art”. Every innovative idea that still shuffles along past its much- deserved death, every awful web comic that still manages to rack up a million page views with recycled Star Wars jokes, the once great artists and writers who have become caricatures of their former selves, and the new talent ready to discover bold new ways to sell out. You won’t understand comics until you misunderstand them.

All this in 88 pages of black-and-white-hot fury!

What are people saying about Misunderstanding Comics?

Misunderstanding Comics is a searing and indispensable indictment of every broken promise and stunted motivation at play in that great awful greaseball we call comics. Get it now.”- Stephen Notley, Bob the Angry Flower

I loved Misunderstanding Comics! It was a perfect fifty-fifty mix of comics culture snark and sharp parody of McCloud’s books.” - Mandi Tremblay, Peachy Keen

In one lurid, ill-advised chapter after another, he guides us through the elements of comics sellouts, and… how words combine with pictures to work their lucrative magic for licensors, studio executives, and others who are not cartoonists. When the 88-page journey is finally over, most readers will find it difficult to look at comics without a special, limited-edition super-holo-glow-hypno-foil cover ever again.” – Geoffrey Golden, Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator

“If you care about comics at all this book should be on your shelf, right next to Understanding Comics. Unless you alphabetize your shelves. If you’re looking for subtle parody look elsewhere, all this book has is in your face laughs.” - Jackie Wohlenhaus, Between Failures

Misunderstanding Comics is written by Tim Heiderich of Assignment Unexplained and Normal Activity and illustrated by me!

Except for the cover, which is obviously NOT by me. That’s drawn by the talented Jennifer Albright of Trick Unicorn. Learn more at or buy Misunderstanding Comics on Amazon!


muffintopI’m also the editor of Muffintop, an anthology of the best sexy large lady comics by the cream of the crop artists specializing entirely in the medium of of large ladies, published in association with Radio Comix/Sin Factory. This includes the following awesome comics:

Switched: A Tale of Minds and Middles, by S.Sakurai, in which a hard-partying dwarf fighter switches bodies with an ascetic elf cleric with expansive results!

Festival, by Poundforpoundcake, in which an annual feast between gluttonous ant and bee people is almost derailed!

Gym Piggy, by Royaljellysandwich, in which a lucky fellow sees the large and lovely lady of his dreams at the gym!

Last Journey of the Aphrodite, by Jake Strick and Zoe Moss, in which a rocketship expedition meets with soft and sexy disaster!

New Jeans, by Crave-the-Bullet, in which a couple finds out that the lady’s new jeans perfectly display her ample assets!

Not Going Out, by Ladiecovers3sMan217, in which fat-related depression is thwarted!

Snow, by Alan Bathearst, in which a snowwoman with a little extra padding around the middle finds true love!

Sweet Temptation, by myself, in which the classic angel/devil on the shoulder dilemma comes into play regarding candybars!

Currently, you can order the digital version of Muffintop at our e-junkie store. You can purchase the physical copy from Radio Comix.