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1. Down with the Sort of Thing – Melvin encounters protesters enroute to work.

2. Corporate Espionage – Mr. Hefferbottom decides to steal the business plan from rival woman-friendly porn shop The Pink Persimmon, with underwhelming results.

3. The Folly of Progress – Cloey has trouble when the hard science academics at her work disparage her area of study.  Society collapses.

4. Yet Another Monster Animal People in Prison Story – Melvin and Wilbur are sent to a Mexican border prison for a crime they didn’t commit. Things deteriorate from there.

5. Cake – We learn more about Melvin’s sexual proclivities, unfortunately.

6. Twitpocalypse Now! – Mr. Hefferbottom wants all his employees to use Twitter, Melvin gets a new job as a major domo for a disgustingly obese aristocrat. Society collapses again.

7. Hamlet Abridged – Just what it says on the tin.

8. A Long Day’s Journey into Horrible Webcomic Infinity – Melvin goes to a convention to shill his webcomic, Fart Police.  It doesn’t go well.

9. Ye Olde Porne Shoppe – Mr. Hefferbottom tells the story of how Jiggles GmbH was founded, in the by-gone days of the old west.

10. Dark Spore – Melvin is trapped in an alternate, Giger-esque dimension reminiscent of a certain 90s video game.

11. Kidnapped! – Someone is kidnapping pop stars, oh no!

12. Hollywood Madness – Mr. Hefferbottom decides that Jiggles GmbH should make movies instead of just showing them. That’ll end well.

13. The Cat is Cool – A look back at the gang’s highschool days with Cool Cat and Totally 80s Mercedes.

14. Marzipan Madness – Melvin becomes a candy mogul.

15. Ragnorak – Melvin saves the earth from a meteor.

16. Trigger Warning – A short series of horrible Japanese rape porn jokes.

17. Tech Support – Let’s fix a mop!

18. The Mystery-Shrouded Origins of Cool Cat – How Cool Cat met Totally 80s Mercedes.

19. How Cool Cat Got His Cool Back – Cool cat Loses his Cool! Literally!

20. Hillbilly Hijinks – Melvin and Cloey visit Wilbur and Magnolia in their hovel.

21. The Artefact – A Brilliant Guest Series by Tzologeist, wherein Mr.Hefferbottom seeks out the most erotic image ever created.

22. Roller Derby Riot – Cloey joins the roller derby. What wackiness could result from that?

23.  The Great Garbage Accumulation – A new discovery in the Failtown vicinity leads to an international garbage production contest with consequences that no one could have foreseen.

24. Fart Police Women – Melvin retools his comic Fart Police to appeal to a new fetish demographic.

25. My Soldier Love – The Story of how Melvin and Cloey met, sort of.

26. No One Can Stop the Smooze – My Little Pony pandering.

27. Vixen Vending Machine – What could this mysterious vixen vending machine do?

28. Nation Baboon’s Vacation – Get it? It sounds like Lampoon.

29. Bumpers Girls – It’s a restaurant about butts!