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About MPF&F

“Murry Purry Fresh and Furry” is a subtle social allegory, about a group of animal people in search of a dream and, more so, themselves.  Set against the backdrop of post-911 America, this is a somber tale sure to be regarded by scholars as both an enduring testament to the endless possibilities of the human spirit and the defining voice of a generation.

The bilby represents the fear of the other.
The pine marten represents the disintegration of the traditional family unit in post-WW II industrialization.
The ferret represents the loss of our humanity in the face of technology.
The opossum represents the oppression of the proletariat by the entrenched oligarchy.
The hellbender represents the demons of superstition fleeing before the light of reason.
The armadillo represents a penis.

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Agouti Rex

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