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skooneyesmall (By Skoon) This is another great pic of Magnolia by Skoon; he really captures the creepy otherworldiness of her gaze. The eyes almost seem to follow you!

skoonjugsmall(By Skoon) Look at all those jugs! (NSFW for boobs)

(By Technicolor-Pie) Pie and I like to gossip like a pair of old biddies at a church picnic, so she drew this delightful picture to commemorate our many many bitch sessions. Oh, but we are a catty pair of bitches!

(By Tzologeist) Cadillac Myspace encounters computer problems!

(By Zoeymoss) This is ridiculously adorable yet also horrifying.  It’s really amazing how Zoey did that!

(By Mallocat) This makes me laugh so much!  Cadillac and Rosa fight over social media!

(By Bridgeport Cat) Cool Cat  bein’ cool.

(By J Thomas) Haha oh God, good ol’ JT knew how much I hated the Scott Pilgrim movie on account of it sucking and being bad, but, really, what else could one expect from that awful source material? Anyway, he drew this hilarious Scott Pilgrim-esque pic of Melvin fighting Alexandria of the Library, a zaftig cat lady of his own creation.  I love this to death!

(By King-Cheetah) Melvin is a waiter! But can you identify his companions?

(By Grandpandaman) Mercedes and cool Cat are rocking out with their cocks out except that they aren’t in this neato sweeto picture!

(By Technicolor-Pie) Okay, this is cheating because it’s a commission.  But Pie was doing these hilarious commissions of her character Electra, the snooty Internet celebrity person, insulting people. I asked her to do one for me and this is what she came up with. 

(By Limpurtikles) Lite bondage. Good fun for the whole family.

(ByLimpurtikles) Limpurtikles brings us this pic of Xaviera and Cloey tied up. Why are they tied up? Why not?

(By Boo Radley) Boo Radley left this picture for us in the hole in the old oak tree.

(By Lordfoxhole) Melvin finds something that catches his interest!

(By Rabbitshake Jake) Rabbitshake Jake delivers the goods again, in this wonderful picture of Melvin looking the way that he feels.  I love the comic book coloring technique.  I know there’s a name for that, but I’m stupid and lazy so I don’t know it. Half tone? Is that it?

(By King-Cheetah) There’s a special secret in this picture of Cloey by King Cheetah. See if you can find it. It’s fun to discover!

(By King-Cheetah) Melvin breaks free of his masculine chrysalis in this nifty pic by King Cheetah. No tits in this one!

(By Skoon) Magnolia has a new friend in this Skoonilicious picture!

(By Assbutt) I have no idea how to describe this pic by Assbutt. Looks kinda like that Nagel print that all hair salons are required by law to hang on their walls.  Appropriate!

(By Gnome) You know, many of these pics are technically trades rather than fan art but I like to claim them as fanart because it makes me feel like a big man.  That has nothing to do with this photo realistic picture of Cool Cat but I thought I’d come clean. This Gnome pic shows what Cool Cat would look like if he was a real cat. Wearing shutter shades.

(By Akumeitakai) Akumeitakai shows some love for Mercedes. How cute!

(By White Winged Demon) Cool Cat is not impressed wit your bullshit.  In fact, he’s quite the opposite.

(By Limpurtikles) I love the eyes in this one! Just so darling! 

(By Brainsister) This pretty much sums up the whole decade, doesn’t it?

(By FAC Agent-C) I remember that system.  Because I’m old. Unlike most people on the Internet who talk about how great the 80s were, I actually lived through the 80s. Of course, I was, like, 10 when they ended, but still.  Honestly, the 80s kind of sucked but Hot Topic needs to sell shirts so, hey, don’t let me rain on your parade.

(By Radaman) Oh ho ho! I see what you did there, you scamp!

(By Cheezyweapon) I am proud to own what I believe to be the first Cheezyweapon pic that does not feature a colossal veiny dong in it! I used to have an acrylic-paint-covered-sweater that looked just like this!

(By Edgling) That is a cat who means business.  I’m always jealous of Edgling’s shading.


(By Loamchu) Everyone loves stickers! Especially the puffy kind that teachers stick on your homework assignments in second grade.

(By Poinko) Proof of the theory of devolution!

(By Neryssa) I love how quizzical Mercedes looks here!

(By Lord Foxhole) Mercedes looks so devious here! Though if there’s one thing that Lord foxhole is good at, it’s making characters look like they are thinking evil thoughts. Kind of endearing, really!

(By Local Shop) Local shop reminds me of Ralph Bakshi, except that she doesn’t suck.

(By Haystack) Cool Cat has advice for you.

(By Devilduk) Devilduk knows the score!


(By Van-Weasel) He only reads it for the articles.

(By Tzologeist) Melvin and some other people. Melvin is the important part.


(By Thomas K Dye) I was sad because I never get trolled, so Thomas obliged me.  I’ve never been so happy! Isn’t it funny how you don’t notice your own quirks until someone else points them out? After reading this, I was all “Oh yeah, I do draw eyes like that, don’t I?”

(By Chucky) Melvin helps out a customer.  Sometimes he’s a little… too helpful. WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE

(By King Cheetah) I want those glasses!

(By Miss Bonbon) That’s good eatin!

(By Lusopakak) Dance, motherfucker, dance!

(By Marmelmm) No denying that!

(By N99) Delightfully devilish, Seymour!

(By Seregei) The colors are just perfect, aren’t they? Wish I could do that.

(By Tigerblack) Take off your sunglasses when the crime scene investigators make a pun.

(By HybridprojectAlpha) The proportional strength of a cat!

(By Tzologeist) I used to own a tie like that. I had clothes, too, though.

(By King-Cheetah) Oh, Amber, your secret pain is known to all now.

(By stx70) I love mismatched eyes almost as I love grungy teeth and noodly arms!

(By Local Shop) – Local-shop is the only person I’ve ever met who can draw Flapjack and Chowder porn and not come off as a creepy weirdo. She drew some Murry Purry porn. I wouldn’t normally know how to feel about that, except that it’s Local-shop and she makes everything amazing!

(By Vivisection-Bob) Vivisection Bob caught Melvin at a relaxed moment. Look how happy he is!

(By Fire Hazard) Fire Hazard did a totally sweet bit of art for me here. Haha I’m flattered to be called the Zero Punctuation of webcomics, since I don’t really produce any coherent critiques. But then again, does Yahtzee?   Actually, I rather enjoy Yahtzee’s stuff. I generally have a blanket rule about hating fedora-like hats, but I’ll make an exception for the trilby because it’s a funny word. Also, it’s Australian.

(By King-Cheetah) A young Cloey shows her devotion to her favorite rock star via Myspace.
(By King-Cheetah) A young Cloey meets her favorite rock star!

(By Summer Jackal) You can always count on Summer for some real spiff Victorian period pieces, so I was pleased as punch to see this piece starring her own Danielle and Shard (from her “Bone Shard” comic series) and Magnolia as a cockney prostitute.

(By King-Cheetah) Magnolia stars as the princess in the lost Gymkata movie.

(By Aurelina) Melvin searches for the good stuff! A sweet pic from a good friend whom you may remember from the comic.  Thanks for letting me use your horrible obese blob wolf monster! C:

(By Sublimate) The always amazing Sublimate did this hilarious pic for me.  Melvin’s bare essence captured here, I think.

(By Furseiseki) Have a nice trip! See you next fall!

(By the Taxidermy) I know what Little Man is interested in! NSFW!

(By Furseiseki) These are so cute I am going to die!

(By The Taxidermy) Durhurhur look what I have in my hand! A dong!

(by Tigerblack) Now those are teeth!!

(by Eevee) Awwww, isn’t that sweet?

(By Nemo) He knows all your secrets.

(By Dogslug) Whoa, that’s some amazing Star Wars ref in that!

(By The Taxidermy) Check out that nose!

(By KTurtle) What the hell, man? What the hell?

(By Zippiner) Truth about chinchillas!

(By ZoeyMoss) I was very shocked when I learned that my good friend King-Cheetah had commissioned the incomparable ZoeMoss to make a picture of Melvin chasing owls away with his dick.  Uhhhh, yeah, this is an old inside joke that about two or three people will get.  But a few people seem to have picked up on the “owls afraid of dicks” bit, so maybe it’s a meme now? That’s a nice thought.

(By J Thomas) J Thomas made this quick doodle of Melvin. He didn’t think it was worth posting, but I disagree!

(By Touchmybadger) A wonderful trade I did with Touchmybadger; I love how the comic in the background tells a story!

(By Pox) Pox art is always the best. Melvin looks like a real bilby here! NSFW on account of dildos.


(By Q) My wife will be happy that, for once, the character based on her been drawn with real legs instead of stubby little chicken drumsticks!  I love their expressions.

(By Sophie-Cabra) I can’t say enough good things about this trade with sophie-Cabra – especially about those teeth!

(By Amtrack88) I am a huge sucker for old-timey analog crap, so this pic by Amtrack88 depicting Melvin during some downtime really speaks to me. I mean, look at that cathode ray tube TV! That analog clock! The hand-crank cash register and the old-timey punch cards! Oh, it’s glorious.

(By J Thomas) J Thomas pens an awesome comic called “Between Failures,” all about the trials and tribulations of working retail – it’s kind of like Clerks meets Empire Records, as he likes to say. I originally started reading it because it has a fetching tubby girl in it, but it turned out to be really funny and charming beyond that as well. I was blown away to get this totally sweet pic of Cloey from him!

(By Furseiseksii) Furseiseksii drew a wonderfully cute page of character doodles featuring a whole lot of cute people.  I was really excited to discover that he’s included Melvin among those characters! How nifty is that?  Furseiseksii made him look quite a bit more adorable than I usually do.

Journey to the center of the Internet(By Stavner) – Stavner actually wrote a fan script, which is pretty nifty to see! In it, Melvin and Filbert defeat an Iraqi Internet virus and engage in fatty love hi-jinks. I guess this is what comes from being a notorious fatty-lovin’ pervert!

(By King-Cheetah) I never know what character is going to strike King cheetah’s fancy, but I’m always glad when one does — because that means that I get nifty fanart like this! Chastity Steelvulva reading some questionable content and I don’t mean the webcomic! It’s not safe for work, just for your information.

(By King-Cheetah) Another NSFW Chastity pic from King Cheetah. I like how she lets down her hair here, just like a SEXXXY LIBRARIAN.

(By Auron) Just in time to celebrate the arrival of a new Diablo Cody fiasco, we have this pic of Cadillac Myspace by Auron! I like her because she’s fat. I don’t know if Diablo Cody is fat, but I rather doubt it. That’s another strike against Cody in my book!

(By Tzologeist) Tzologeist really captures Wilbur here. I think the claws are a nice touch; they really bring the whole thing together!

(By Furseiseki) This face has got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Furseiseki said he liked Cloey because she was all long and slinky. Well, she is a cartoon weasel, after all, so it does stand to reason!

(By VodkaandOrangeJuice) I love Melvin’s expression here, with those scary doll eyes and those big bushy eyebrows.  He also kinda looks like a real bilby here. Weird!

(By Sif) This was part of an OC session with Sif and I think it’s safe to say who got the long end of the stick. I did.  This is the finest ass I’ve ever seen on a fake obese nutria girl.  I’m always astounded when people make my stupid, ugly characters look hot. I love everything about this picture to death!

(By Vivisection Bob) – Vivisection Bob did this great picture of Wilbur and Magnolia. As you may know, I just love drawing really horrible teeth, so I think this piece is really close to my heart because of that. Check out that freaky tongue too!

(By Local Shop) – Peaches LeRou courtesy of Local-Shop. She’s so cute! And also sorta NSFW.

(By Local Shop) – Another pic of Peaches by Local-Shop. This one is definitely NSFW as it features the use of MARITAL AIDS. And I don’t mean the kind that they make very special episodes of “Diff’rent Strokes” about.

(By Local Shop) – Local-Shop included Melvin and Cloey in this delightful pastoral scene down at the ole swimmin’ hole. The other folks pictured aren’t my characters, so, really, who gives a toss about them? Not me! Haha, I kid. They are all good pals of mine, as well.

(By The Taxidermy) – Melvin appears on this page of doodles, sporting a wicked pompadour. Keen!

(By Technicolor Pie) – Melvin has his dreams eaten by Technicolor Pie’s Baku character Hester. What was Melvin dreaming about? Probably fatties, I’d wager.

(By Technicolor Pie) – I forget how I conned Pie into doing this pic of Melvin. Whatever I did, I should do it again!

(By Sonderjen and Jesstech) -Look at this neato torpedo pic of Melvin STARING IN THE WINDOW LIKE THE CREEPY STALKER HE IS. Eerie!

(By Sonderjen) – The above picture without the window.  Teehee!

(By Sonderjen) – Sonderjen figured out my favorite word. I do use it a lot more than you would think.

(By Sonderjen) – Wilbur and Magnolia, done in a vaguely creepy sketchy style. I like it!

(By Sonderjen) – A neat flat coloration style pic of Melvin!

- (By DirtyBaka) – Dirtybaka’s zombie dog character Ernie enjoys eating hillbilly brains!

(By Summer Jackal) – Melvin and Cloey again. Melvin appears to be dressed like Penn and/or Teller, possibly because Cloey’s real-life counterpart was obsessed with those two smug libertarian ponytails at the time.

(By Robocoon) – I like Robocoon’s take on Wilbur here. He looks really menacing!

(By Sonderjen) – A reference to Buddy Cop Show. Watch it with someone you love!

(By Q) – Q’s take on Magnolia is probably the least disgusting version of that character ever put to paper. Impressive!

(By Q) – Melvin in profile. He looks so serene!

(By Pox) – I often bust on Pox because of her libertarian views, but she takes it all in stride. After a lot of needling, I finally got her to draw me this delicious bit of troll art. I really do love it to death! Everyone should have some Pox trollart.

(By Pox) – NSFW! Contains Bilby penis! I forget the context here but Pox really went all out here. An amazing bit of work!

- (By Pomander) – Pomander knows my love for larger ladies so she drew me this fat Cloey for my birthday. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

(By Norithics) – Melvin and a fat Cloey! Eating ice cream! Not a birthday present but it might as well have been one.

- (By Moult) – Melvin at work. I like this one because it really captured the dreariness of the situation.

- (By Peaches the Puppy) – Part of Peaches’ neat mash-up technique. Cool!

(By Cngsoft) – A trade with Cngsoft where we drew each other’s characters with our own fetishes, I think. So I drew his characters fat because I love fatties and he drew mine inflated because he loves inflation. Then we probably both jerked off. I’ll bet you’re glad to know that.

(By Miguel Estrugo) – A trade with Miguel Estrugo. I feel kind of bad because he really put some ridiculous effort into this pic of Wilbur and Magnolia collecting roadkill. Look at that background!

(By Mendes) – Cadillac Myspace and Chastity Rat. That about encapsulates it all.

- (By Mendes) – Mendes drew Melvin as he’d look as a real bilby. That stands upright and wears clothes. Weird!

(By Lexcypher) – Peaches freaaaaaaks out!

(By Kaiven) – Another birthday picture of fat Cloey! Truly that was the best birthday ever!

(By Kaiven) – Not really fanart but I’ll claim it anyway. It’s a pic of Melvin, Cloey, Kaiven, Pomander, Rael and Trajan. Since Butterwort and Sally are based on Rael and Trajan respectively, I think I’ll count it.

- (By Kabukihomewood) – OH GOD I LOVE CLOEY’S LEGS HERE! Moody doesn’t.

(By Dramamachine) – Another pic commemorating ancient drama. Melvin looks so sinister here!

- (By Defender) – My thoughts exactly.

- (By Charrio) – I have no clue what that is on Melvin’s shirt.

(By Bridgeportcat) – Melvin and cloey on the moooooon!

(By Van-Weasel) – Melvin peruses fine literature.

(By Nemo) – I like it because that’s how I would react exactly.

(By Lusopakak) – Awwwww, cuteness!

- (By Tengu) – My only actual piece of hate art! Tengu got mad at me because I didn’t take it seriously when fatties bleated about their terrible depiction in “Wall-E.” Good times!

- (By Dogslug) – I think this was part of a meme wherein everyone realized that they really wanted to be Ritts.

(By Kaiven) – Magnolia giggin’ for frogs! Kaiven tells me this is a real thing and she would know.

- (By tabbiewolf) – Actually, fanart for Moody, but what the hell. NSFW

- (By Soundhound) Tail bite! I love Cloey’s expression.

(By Edgyspice) – Maybe Cloey sees Colin Blunstone?

(By Edgyspice) – Not exactly fanart for me, but rather for Trailer park Boys — but it includes Melvin as Rickey and Cloey as Bubbles. Also Rael as Mr.Lahee and Trajan as Randy and Edgyspice as Julian.

(By Edgyspice) – We should all be so lucky to be sat upon by obese armadillo girls!

- (By Dragonfly) – Butterwort in her ruling regalia. NSFW

(By D6016) – Melvin does time! Check out that quality nose! I like the quote because it’s so in-character.

mirsmall(By Mirelmture) Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? Can you believe I tricked her into doing this for free?  Sucker! ^______^  Mir may well be the sweetest person in the WORLD, so it’s awesome to get this pic from her!

dogslugsmall2 – (By Dogslug) I’ve often found myself saying these exact words! An awesome pic of Magnolia by Dogslug!

kiasmall2 – (By Kiamakrai) Kia did this nifty pic of Melvin for me. I really dig that majestic wolf shirt!

sandysmall – (By Sandypants) Cloey is upset because Melvin pissed himself.  I don’t know why, except to say that it’s a Sandpnats pic and she finds piss absolutely hysterical. And who doesn’t?

(By Lex-Cypher) I like this pic by Lex Cypher because it really captures the personalities of the people on whom Sally and Butterwort are based!

(By Dragocorn) This pic of Sally by Dragocorn is just too cute! I love that tongue.

(By Dragocorn) An awesome pic of Butterwort in her regalia!

(By Dragocorn) Check out those fictional shoulderpads!  Whoooooooooooooa!

(by TK Dye) A great pic of Melvin by TKDye doing what he does best! (What TKDye does best is draw, what Melvin does best is complain, so, yeah, it’s a double entendre!)

(By Zeddish) How many pictures do we have of Melvin furtively looking at fatty pornography? Not nearly enough I say! Love that guilty expression in this pic by Zeddish.

(by Local Shop) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA horrible horrible nipples! Local shop has a gift for making the grotesque truly compelling, such as in this frightening picture of Wilbur’s nipples.

(By Cheezyweapon) Oh Christ, Oh God, Oh Jesus, why was I made to feel pain? That could well be your initial reaction, too, to this eye-searingly wonderful pic by the incomparable Cheezyweapon.  Truly,  this is an epic accomplishment! Be warned, though, that this is not safe for work!

(By King-Cheetah) Another totally sweet pic, this one by the one and only King Cheetah.  Cloey is looking very professorial here!

(By Lusopakak) A super nifty pic of Melvin reclining on a bed at night by the always welcome Lusopakak.  Lots of fun, but be warned, contains side nudity!

(By King-Cheetah) A pic of Cloey done by King-Cheetah in his own unimitatable style.  Isn’t she just darling here?

(By Poinko) I love this pic of Magnolia. She looks like she’s been in the cornmeth!

(By Amtrack88) Have you ever seen such a sharp nose? It could open cans! I kid, I love this pic by Amtrack88. Cloey looks so serious!

(By Amtrack88) Another great Amtrack pic. The nose isn’t as sharp here, but still awesome!

(By Cngsoft) I didn’t think anyone could make Magnolia look cute, but Cngsoft did it.  And he did it keeping her canonical green teeth! Hats off to that!

(By Azure-Dragon) Melvin is angry in this picture because that’s his default state of being. Also, he seems to be dressed in a star fleet uniform.

(By King-Cheetah) More pics of cloey by King cheetah. Love that Hunter S. Thompson look!Not sure why she’s all excited about Canada there, but it may interest you to know that the real person on whom Cloey is based is very much a Canuckophile.  I don’t think King Cheetah knew that when he drew this, though.

(By King-Cheetah) King Cheetah usually specializes in rather svelte girls, so it’s neat to see him try his hand at a lady with a plumper figure.  He does not disappoint with this pic of Pickles LeRou!

(By King-Cheetah) More faces of death…er, I mean Cloey!  I love the way her glasses look here.

(By Mendes) – My thoughts exactly.

(By Lucky-Pony) – Dennis Hopper would approve.

(By King-Cheetah) More headshots of Cloey. She’s pretty when she’s angry!

- (By Pox) – Pickles Lerou! Pox knows the score.

- (By Sonderjen) – Sonderjen immortalizes some long forgotten Internet drama in this pic of Melvin and cloey. It involved me getting banned from an online art gallery for mouthing off to an admin. I speak truth to power, man!

(By Poinko) Melvin works hard for a living. Well, not exactly… I love those teeth!