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256 – Bandwagon

256 – Bandwagon

Despite the fact that this comic is about My Little Pony, only one person in the world will be able to fully appreciate it. :(

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  1. Miff says:

    “Quickly, find that one teenage girl!”

    “Sunset Shimmer?”

    “And I thought you were supposed to know everything about our history!”

  2. Mr. Casual says:

    I may not be able to _fully_ appreciate it, as I doubt I am that one person . . .

    . . . by by golly, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it. :D

  3. Agouti-Rex says:

    @Miff: NO, ONLY G1! G1 FOREVER!! XD

    @Mr Casual: You’ll try your best :)

  4. Skoon says:



    I mean…

    Capital job!

    Also Celestia is the only one old enough to know the smooze.

  5. Mr. Casual says:

    @Agouti-Rex: Bah! As long as we’ve got silly faces, zany characters (or caricatures of existing properties), and wacky situations, I’ll enjoy what you throw down even if it’s in ancient Latin, and I can’t understand a word of it.

    Check, check, and check! Booyah!

    Plus, their horns look like joints in various panels, and that’s funny to me.

  6. Agouti-Rex says:

    @Skoon: ALL FOR YOU, SKOON

    @Mr Casual: That sounds like a challenge :)

  7. DungeonMasterbatory says:

    Celestia is wrong. The Rainbow of Light is ineffective against the Smooze, and was imprisoned in their dank depths when unleashed against them.

    They will need the entirely unexplained might of the flutterponies to make any real progress against this threat.

    And I am a pedant.

  8. HPAlpha says:

    Man that movie made me so angry

  9. Coyotenose says:


  10. Mr. Casual says:

    @Coyotenose: That’s not Celestia. That’s Yellestia, a zany, panic-ridden O.C. loosely-based on Celestia, yet worthy of concurrently existing with all the other myriad versions for humor purposes, leaving the original Celestia to remain a canon, pristine beacon of wisdom and light and arblghlkathlakaslkdjf.

  11. Coyotenose says:

    I went to Google “Princess Molestia” to help me form a retort about acceptable O.C.s, but it came back with 491,000 hits, so instead I’m going to just drink whiskey and cry myself to sleep.


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