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239 – The Big Reboot

239 – The Big Reboot

We’re getting into some of the oddest territory yet for MPFF. Basically, I made some of these upcoming strips as a joke to amuse a good friend and then I thought, hey, why not get some use out of these strips? I mean, I already drew them and everything!  What’s the mysterious reboot? You’ll find out soon enough! STAY TUNED!


Discussion (4)¬

  1. Mr. Casual says:

    Well, Cloey seems to have returned to normal without much effort. That’s what I love about these comics. The rules of “reality” bend to suit the jokes immediately at hand, like some kind of cosmic Attention Deficit Disorder. X) It works wonders for the humor.

    What I’m wondering is how Melvin associates transgender fetish comics with being popular. I don’t recall any of those winning any Eisner’s or Harvey’s. Maybe I’m just not knowledgeable enough about the genre.

    And besides, I doubt it’ll be any odder than “Dark Spore”, and that was a fun, grotesque romp.

  2. Agouti-rex says:

    It’s basically like a cartoon that resets between episodes.XD

    Trans fetish comics are big business on the Internet! Of course, EVERY webcomic is really just an excuse to showcase the author’s fetish, because then you have a built-in marketing demographic. I could rattle off a long list of webcomics that coast by entirely on repeated depictions of genies turning dudes into sexy ladies, but I’m trying to be more positive these days and not go around calling people out. XD

    Oh well, I guess I forgot about “Dark Spore.” This coming bit might not be that odd after all, now that I think about it! XD

  3. Limpurtikles says:

    Whatever he retooled the comic into, I don’t think ANYONE would want a facefull of it like that!
    Poor Cloey…

  4. Agouti-rex says:

    @Limpurtikles: It’s the only way she’ll learn!


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