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225 – Wacky Set-Up

225 – Wacky Set-Up

That lady is a marbled polecat.


Discussion (4)¬

  1. Limpurtikles says:

    LOL, nice little Take-that to yourself XP

  2. Agouti-Rex says:

    I like to give the people what they want! :)

  3. Mr. Casual says:

    Your ability to cram multiple facets of humor into a single page continues to astound. Classic slapstick setup, absurd relative suddenly coming out of the woodwork, an antagonistic character that would have absolutely no reason for having anything to do with these people suddenly “staying” with them, and then the non sequitur punchline. Oh, and also “Moby Dong”. Freaking hilarious, man. XD

    Also Martin! :D I’ve missed Martin. Marbles looks fun, too, though.

  4. Agouti-Rex says:

    Thanks, you flatter me C:


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