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209 – The Artefact

209 – The Artefact

What the hell??? What is this? Why did the art and jokes suddenly get so good? Because this strips is drawn by my good friend Tzologeist. She did this for my birthday, but I liked it so much that I decided to jank it and use it as a real live comic. That was I don’t need to write one! Seriously, though, I was amazed at how well she captured all the characters.  I think you’ll agree! Tzologeist is one of the best cartoonists I know. Her art has such emotion and her writing is always clicking along at just the right pace.


Discussion (14)¬

  1. Mr. Casual says:

    As long as Martin has his closed-eyes grin, I am happy with it. :D

    If this image is so erotic that it made elder gods fornicate-up the universe, how the heck did it ever get reported? You’d think anyone who saw it would immediately screw themselves to death.

  2. agouti-rex says:

    @Mr.Casual: That’s why it’s lost!

  3. Mr. Casual says:

    @Agouti-Rex: He says it was last seen in Mexico. Seen by whom? Did someone manage to relate what they’d seen before dropping dead from over-screwing?

    And what’s to protect Martin? See, he should’ve taken Wilbur with him. If he was affected, he could’ve asked Wilbur to strip down naked. Would cure him right up, I suspect.

    Of course, I suppose that’s not good employee-boss relations.

  4. Tzologeist says:

    Awesome! I was a little confused when the image began to download, I was like, wait, I thought I clicked on Murry Purry site. Thanks for posting this. :)

  5. agouti-rex says:

    @Mr.Casual: It was seen by….a wizard. Yes, a wizard. That’s the ticket.

    @Tzologesit: How could I NOT post it? This comic is pure genius! :)

  6. Mr. Casual says:

    @Agouti-Rex: Works for me! Those wizards don’t have any time for that sex business. Too much to do.

    And yes, the comic is awrsome, with a capital AWR! :D Big props to you, Tzologeist, for capturing the Murry Purry magic.

  7. Coyotenose says:

    Maybe it was witnessed by a blind man, Daredevil super-Braille style? Then he couldn’t masturbate to death, because he’d wreck the, um, I dunno, erotic psychic residue on his fingertips?

    Man that would have been one angry blind man. His unwashed severed fingers would be awesome relics, though. Disuse would have left them all stiff and swollen… engorged, you might say. Mmmmm.

  8. agouti-rex says:

    @Mr.Casual: Wizards explain everything.

    @Coyotenose: Yeah, a blind man… that’s the ticket!

  9. HPAlpha says:

    can I make a melvin comic

  10. agouti-rex says:

    @HPAlpha: Feel free!

  11. Mr. Casual says:

    @Agouti-Rex: I’m starting to hear you in a Jon Lovitz voice, A.R. “Yeeahh, that’s the ticket.”

    This is not a bad thing.

  12. agouti-rex says:

    @Mr.Casual: Acting!

  13. Tzologeist says:

    I personally can’t wait to see what happens next.

  14. agouti-rex says:

    It’s like a mystery to discover!


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