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129 – Prurient Interest

129 – Prurient Interest

Someone asked me, since I’m a fatty loving pervert, when I was going to draw Cloey fat.  Of course, I have too much integrity for that but then I did.  You don’t know how hard it was to draw her in that position!  People think that art is easy but it’s actually quite difficult when you are a hack like me.


Discussion (8)¬

  1. Oni says:

    About damn time.

  2. Limpurtikles says:

    To tell the truth, since Melvin is into “bigger” dames himself, I’ve always wondered what brought him and Cloey together…?

    Looks like this is a job for Slimfast, Cartoon-version! Loose weight in less than 3 panels!!

  3. agouti-rex says:

    It was an arranged marriage.

  4. Limpurtikles says:

    … makes sense…

  5. octopusrave says:

    oh lord
    I didn’t know that was possible, that it could be drawn

    also I want marzipan now.

  6. Agouti-Rex says:

    It’s all the rage!

  7. Karass says:

    Knowing how painfully aware you are of how peoples fetishes creep into their web comics in completely nonsensical self serving ways I’m surprised to see it happen to you. It’s an irresistible law of nature!

  8. agouti-rex says:

    At least I’m ironically self-aware XP

    I believe the assembled nerds of TV Tropes refer to this as “lampshading.”


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