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097 – The Culprit Revealed

097 – The Culprit Revealed

Who didn’t see this coming?

Alex Lifeson is a human here just cuz. Or is that Neil Peart? Honestly, I don’t know. Which Rush guy had the big handlebar mustache? Or did I just dream that? I hope one of them did, because otherwise I’ll look quite the fool when this debuts.

So yeah, Alex Lifeson is the only human in the world of Murrypurry.

As for other comics, why don’t you check out Bear and Fox Forever? It’s about a bird and a snake that are friends.


Discussion (7)¬

  1. Freakish Spleen says:

    Why does the dog have a pet dog? Is he looking after his retarded cousin or something? I always though it was sort of weird when anthropomorphic cartoon animals had a real animal as a pet.

  2. agouti-rex says:

    Oh, don’t worry, it’s not a dog, it’s a pig. So you see, it all makes perfect sense!

  3. I'm a poached egg says:

    Definitely Neil Peart with the handlebar moustache.

  4. Sanny says:

    Well in a world where everybody is a different animal it would stand to reason that a few of those animals would be humans!

  5. poor wit says:

    is it only me that finds the warden attractive? dare i say…sexy? and her relationship with the dog is adorabel

  6. octopusrave says:

    OHgod. ILOVEhow you draw mustaches.
    And yeah it’s Neil.
    Sally’s pet pig is cute. :P
    oh god. the warden is my favorite character. sheer creepiness. and her face. deargod. i love it.

  7. thegluefactory says:

    Geddy Lee as a bird made my day


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