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096 – Crimes Against Song

096 – Crimes Against Song

Haha jokes about unlawful detainment and incestuous rape. Yeah, that’s classy. You guys probably thought I was too tasteful to go there, but, hey, it’s all grist for the comedy mill, innt. The joke is that Melvin sent Kylie Minogue a letter that he shouldn’t have. The other joke is that all the stuff in the background in panel one has magically disappeared by panel four because I am lazy.

Hey, who else is tired of this comic premise? Who wants to see something totally different? I know I would! Maybe I’ll reboot the comic next week and fix that.

Speaking of comics, whoooooooa, what’s this? There are ads all over the page! That’s right, I sold out. Hopefully, though, no one will actually purchase any ads here because that will mean you’ll have an unobstructed access to my brand spanking new project Guttersnipe. It is exactly what you would expect it to be from the title. Read it with someone you love.

In other news, check out Frederick the Great. It’s the only time-travel comic about everyone’s favorite king of Prussia. The art’s a little rocky but don’t let that deter you; it’s quite entertaining! It also doesn’t hurt if you have some knowledge of history to help inform you for some of the jokes. I have to admit that I like this comic enough that I might just have to draw its author as a clam, because that’s how I roll.



  1. Zrcalo says:

    josef fritzl is my hero.


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