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095 – Hamhocky goodness

095 – Hamhocky goodness

You know what’s better than guest strips? Guest strips by that incomparable master of the grotesque Cheezyweapon! You should check out his stuff because IT WILL BLOW YOUR MINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND, DUUUUUUUUUDE. Good times!

Hey, speaking of which, for today’s link, why not check out Glumco? It’s good stuff, straddling that all-too-fine Giger-esque line between horrible and sexy.


Discussion (7)¬

  1. Freakish Spleen says:

    CheezyWeapon is a fucking pedophile. Also he`s a real piece of shit. Sorry to drama up your comments, but god damn. CheezyWeapon is human garbage.


  2. octopusrave says:

    Yeah. I really don’t like him either.
    That aside, this is pretty amusing.

  3. agouti-rex says:

    I find these to be highly dubious statements to say the least.

  4. octopusrave says:

    Not saying I know a thing about him as a person, I just am not a fan of what he tends to draw. I’m really creeped out by tgeiger-esque styles. D:
    But again, I do really like this. It did crack me up.

  5. Freakish Spleen says:

    Oh okay, my bad. I guess little girls in porn comics are okay if they’re “Timeless” or “Demons”.

  6. agouti-rex says:

    I only see giant tits and dicks.

  7. That Theist that isn't a dick. says:

    Whoa, a lot of hate on cheezy, I didn’t realize cheezy did child stuff.


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