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085 – They Dance in the Sky

085 – They Dance in the Sky

My knowledge of Indian mythology is pretty limited, if you hadn’t noticed.

Now let’s talk about other comics some more! Bruised Oranges really needs to update more often. This comic would probably be a favorite of mine even if it objectively sucked just because it combines two of my great loves — steam punk and southern gothic. Luckily, it does not suck. Taking place in an alternative late 19th century Florida, this is a ribald and sometimes downright scandalous comic about a young lady with very little refinement. Rambunctious and foul-mouthed Abigail Sabal is one of the most original creations in webcomics and a welcome breath of fresh air from the usual “sarcastic arm candy” role to which female characters are usually relegated. The cartoonist, Keaton, also has a nifty scratchboard art technique that adds immensely to the period feel of this strip.

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Discussion (6)¬

  1. HPAlpha says:

    Wow, it does look like an appliance

  2. octopusrave says:

    I love all forms of this rabbit. It’s horrifying and…just yes.
    I like how you drew the coyote. :o

  3. agouti-rex says:

    Thanks, I do think that coyote came out well if I do say so myself!

  4. Clawstripe says:

    Martin is really laying it on thick, isn’t he?

    I find it funny that Boogity’s mustache is nowhere to be found when Boogity mentions the likelihood of said mustache.

  5. agouti-rex says:

    You found the hidden joke!

  6. Calbeck says:

    “The trickster Coyote sold some spank rags” is a phrase which shall live in infamy, good sir. -:D


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