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059 – Trial by Stone

059 – Trial by Stone

This is the part of the play where Shakespeare was obviously getting bored with the concept so he just ended it really quickly.  In the original draft of Hamlet, all the characters were suddenly run over by a truck.  It’s true, ask your teacher.

Man, what kind of crappy Hamlet adaptation doesn’t even have any Fortinbras in it?  What a gyp!


Discussion (3)¬

  1. Karass says:

    Hamlet had 2 different Fortinbras in it, and your adaptation didn’t have a one! Further, there was no play within a play. Man. The play’s the thing, you know? And no suicidal soliloquy that consists solely of the titles of movies. Tisk tisk. Who’s Horatio going to tell this whole story to with no invading Fortinbras arriving to avenge the late Fortinbras?

    Ah well, an adequate three act Hamlet I suppose. Audiences today, they just can’t stay interested for five whole acts.

  2. Clawstripe says:

    “This quarry cries on havoc.”

    Will this Fortinbras done in a reasonable facsimile of your style do? I don’t know why he’s holding one of MacBeth’s daggers.

  3. Calbeck says:

    Well there goes the fifth star on my Twitter review.


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