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042 – The Infection Spreads

042 – The Infection Spreads

This won’t end well.


Discussion (8)¬

  1. Sheryl says:

    Yeah… I share Wilbur’s question. Even having tried Twitter (no, especially because I tried Twitter), I completely fail to “get it.”

    I am currently enjoying the “tweet tweet tweet” of real birds outside my window, though. :-)

  2. agouti-rex says:

    Agreed! I’ve been using Twitter because people tell me it’s a good way to announce when your comic updates. But…if anyone was actually interested in knowing when the comic updates, wouldn’t they already know when it had updated because they would have seen the update on the comic page itself? It’s like a Star Trek paradox!

  3. Clawstripe says:

    Twitter zombies. Their brains must have been eaten by the inane, pointless drivel.

  4. agouti-rex says:

    Have you noticed I’m not a fan of twitter?:)

  5. Clawstripe says:

    I had noticed something along those lines. :p

    And I agree with you. Call me a Luddite, but Twitter seems like a lot of other new sorts of computer-related stuff that have come out in the past few years – junk meant to be “cool” with a thin veneer of usefulness to justify its existence. Were someone to recommend I go Twittering, I reserve the right to act dumb right back at them.

  6. Agouti-Rex says:

    I have a lot to say about Twitter because I am a cranky old man!:)

  7. Calico Yorki says:

    …Oh fuck. This is ba~ad mojo.

  8. Calbeck says:



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