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040 – The Company tour

040 – The Company tour

Princess Aurelina’s explanation of what this job entails is actually rather lacking in specifics.  Luckily, Melvin is extremely incurious, so that probably won’t be a problem.

In other news, it seems that my scathing review of webcomic Menage a 3 has been receiving some interesting reactions.  Some people have asked whether it might be unwise to sling mud at another webcomic when I’m drawing a comic myself.  To answer that question, I’d like to relate an anecdote about the time that I attended a talk by noted B-movie thespian Bruce Campbell, following a screening of his new (at the time) film “Running Time.”  Despite Campbell’s obvious talent and charisma, he’s never really received his due from mainstream Hollywood.  Anyway, someone in the audience asked Campbell his opinion on the recently released Star Wars re-edits, which featured all new computer generated blinking things.  “George is a cheater,” Campbell said, “Yeah, I can say that.  Won’t hurt my career one bit.”

You can probably parse that anecdote by yourself.

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Discussion (9)¬

  1. wuffe says:

    I love your sense of sarcasm and self irony – not that it was needed for justifying mud slinging at fanservice comics consisting on milk gland based plotlines. This comic is very murrypurry.
    Less importantly, Witchprickers reminds me of Ursula Vernon after some kind of corrupting radiation or like.

  2. Agouti-Rex says:

    Thanks, I consider that high praise indeed!

  3. stavner says:

    Princess Aurelia: your version of Dr. Doom.

  4. Clawstripe says:

    And just what do those magnets attach to? Her magnetic personality? :p

    I hadn’t seen Menage a 3 until I Googled both it and your criticism of it. Menage a 3 just seems dull and uninteresting to me, like Archie comics with more sexual innuendo after having jumped the shark. Those sorts of breasts make me want to poke them with a pin, to see if they’ll deflate.

  5. agouti-rex says:

    They connect tooooo…uhhh…her adamantium skeleton?

  6. Clawstripe says:

    Maybe her cast iron stomach?

  7. Erkthecrux says:

    holy shit. that third panel is SCARY stuff

  8. AdInfinitumSpero says:

    I’m reading this, and I’ve gotten some laughs out of it, and this comment is in no way meant to be me saying your comic isn’t funny and that I’m going to stop reading/enjoying it, just a thought.

    So,I get your whole ‘My work is never going to be popular so I can talk all the shit I want about the big names’ idea. And hell, I’m not even that uptight about it, we all enjoy our own things. But why is it I get the feeling you just love to hate popular things ? I mean, sure the problems you’ve mentioned in your comic reviews have some good points, but they tend to exaggerate the bad and neglect the good points until it seems almost like a caricature of the original comic (perhaps the intention ?) I mean, anyone can find a few pages of a comic to suggest that it’s completely different from how it actually is. Hell, from this last story arc alone I could postulate this comic is just another furry comic out there attempting to disguise porn as humor, all I’d have to do is only link the pages that describe the interview, and working there, and leave out everything else, and it would read like a porn story about how wonderful life is for the slave of a fatass tyrant.
    That said, you’re of course entitled to your own opinion of those comics, and even putting it into your work/writing negative reviews about them, and I’m not trying to say otherwise. Just figured (if you’re still reading comments on back-pages) I’d put out my perspective. If you want to know why I feel I can talk shit like this , when you’re the author/artist of this webcomic site and I am but a lowly reader, see your quote above ;p

  9. Agouti-Rex says:

    Well, that’s a fair criticism. But I don’t hate things because they’re popular; it’s just that a lot of things that I hate happen to be popular. I can’t help it that so many people have such poor taste XD I like quite a few popular webcomics, you can see some of them linked in the sidebar there. And not all of the things that I make fun of are things that I actually dislike. I had a strip somewhere in the archives making fun of Hark A Vagrant, which is one of my favorite strips.

    And, sure, someone could easily take one strip out of context and judge the whole series by it. The difference is that I read almost the entirety of MA3 at the time that I wrote that review and from what I saw the strips I singled out seemed pretty indicative of the whole. I know my assessment was pretty harsh but I don’t think I said anything unfair. But I try to give credit where it’s due when I’m looking at comics, so if I missed something important that might affect that opinion, please let me know.


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