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030 – Cleaning the harpoons for no discernable reason

030 – Cleaning the harpoons for no discernable reason

Spent all night trying to make curved balloon spouts. The only tutorial that mentioned curved spouts at all just gave me some useless bullshit about the pen tool. Fuck the pen tool. The pen tool is SHIT and I hate it. You’ll get straight spouts and YOU’LL LIKE IT


Discussion (2)¬

  1. Erkthecrux says:

    that statuette on her desk has a large penis.

  2. Calico Yorki says:

    Oh, that’s nice. The STATUE with a big penis creeps you out more than the MUTANT TRANSVESTITE/HERMAPHRODITE RABBIT DRESSED IN BONDAGE GEAR AND TIT TASSLES WITH A MISSING EAR AND BLINDED EYE. The second one is what caught MY attention, I thought that stood out for everyone else too!!


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