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029 – Too Much Information

029 – Too Much Information

Well, isn’t that something?  Butterwort is my favorite character to write for. Her dialogue just writes itself!


Discussion (6)¬

  1. That Faggot says:

    PENIS! I has not want. >.>

  2. Calico Yorki says:

    You make Yorki scared! D8 Oh, Let It Be by The Beatles just came on. That relaxes the nerves…

  3. remick0 says:

    TMI seems like an understatement in this context.

  4. Calbeck says:

    I think I’m going to enjoy this vector of subversive Internet humours.

  5. Calico Yorki says:

    Well, if the accident killed a bunch of clowns, then I suppose her brother’s death could, in a way, be seen as a sacrifice…What? I don’t like clowns. Or mimes. I dislike mimes more, because there’s a high chance you could run into one on the street and that he’d start following you. Clowns are creepy, but mimes just piss me off. Unless they’re MAGIC mimes, that can make invisible boxes to trap people in. In that case, they’re alright by me.


  6. Bel says:


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