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246 – A Ghostly Halloween Update

246 – A Ghostly Halloween Update

HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEN, KIDS!!!! It’s the spookiest, ookiest, kookiest… poopiest? um… day of the year! Ghosts and ghosts, watch out for ‘em! And the good part is when ghosts leave you cupcakes. Happens a lot around here, ya know.

In other news, the Christmas season is now upon us! That means it’s almost time for the Firebrat Christmas book! That’s a very cool thing to watch out for! And, of course, you can still vote for a winner in IFComp. I can’t say that you should vote for Guttersnipe: St. Hesper’s Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous, BUT it probably would be worth your time to play it. And if you like it, then you could vote for it, if like it!

And finally, ECTOComp just opened! It’s a spooooky Halloween themed game jam and you can check out my latest game there, the creepy horror game All Visitors Welcome. Remember you can play it online too!

Other than that, I hope you all have a haaaaaappy Halloween and an awesome lead-up to the Thanksgiving season!

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. Mr. Casual says:

    It’s abundantly clear in this day and age that you enjoy the fats, but I’m glad you still keep at least one or two token skinny characters around for variety. X) Of course, I could be speaking too soon, and everyone involved here is going to wind up like a rolling beach ball with a head by the end of this, heh.

    And more familiar faces! Good to see Mercedes again. :) Also, the amusing situation of both of your comics currently having a Totally 80′s Mercedes on hand. It must be something like a mantle you earn from the universe by having that perfect level of 80′s-ness.

  2. Agouti-Rex says:

    Can’t have too much 80s-ness, I always say! C: And maybe a thinny around juuuust for now. For now.


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