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214 – Over a Billion Served

214 – Over a Billion Served

Oh no! Saffron is being sent to work at a butt-themed restaurant! I wonder what hi-jinks could possibly happen there!

Back in the old days, I used to try and keep Murry Purry Fresh and Furry to a set schedule, but we all know how well that turned out.  I suck at schedules, which was always a problem because the conventional wisdom in the puppet times was that webcomics NEEDED to be on a schedule or the audience would forget about them, because the audience is like a velociraptor who can’t see things that aren’t constantly in motion or something. Well, NOW the new wisdom is SCHEDULES ARE FOR SQUARES, which is good for me. So I guess I’ll just be updating randomly when I can be bothered. Thanks for reading!

Oh and I figured I’d upload these to Taptastic too, because I hear that’s the new hotness! So, if you’re a webcomicy guy who likes to read webcomics and you use Taptastic, you can see this there too, if that’s more convenient.

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