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213 – Goth Mouse

213 – Goth Mouse

Could it be? Is Murry Purry Fresh and Furry back? The answer is: yes. Yes, it is. In pog form.

Is this a reboot? No, of course not. Reboots are so overdone. It’s just the same old Murry Purry Fresh and Furry that you’ve always known and loved, suddenly reappearing for no reason after years of absence and pretendingm in true webcomic fashion, that it never left. All the same old characters are there as well as a few new ones too.  We’ll meet all the new crew in time and see some familiar faces too.

In fact, some of you might be aware that Murry Purry Fresh and Furry hasn’t been as dead as the hoi polloi might think. It’s actually been appearing as a pay only comic on my Patreon, but, you know what, you cheapskates deserve to see this too. Going legit is for dweebs, we’re just unpologetic fatty wank all the way now. Of course, the people on Patreon have seen way ahead and you can too for just $1. But, if you like being cheap, you can just wait, I suppose. I hope you enjoy!

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. The Saprophyte says:

    This can only end in laughter.

  2. Agouti-Rex says:

    Hilarious laughter!


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